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Microsoft Excel

Course Title: Excel Level Inovice Outline
Description: Learn to create, edit, save, and print Excel spreadsheets and workbooks. Learn keyboard and mouse techniques in Excel, how to navigate the Ribbon tabs and toolbar, enter text and numeric data, format cells, apply borders and shading, editing spreadsheets, printing worksheets and workbooks, formula fundamentals, and an introduction to functions.
Audience: Designed for individuals with little or no prior experience with Excel.
Prerequisite: Windows Level I.

Course Title: Excel Level IItypical Outline
Description: Learn to work efficiently in a multi-sheet workbook. Learn a variety of advanced functions and formulas to increase your effectiveness in Excel and save you time. Create customized reports using filters, multi-sheet referencing and automatic subtotaling. Learn to visually represent data with charts.
Audience: Designed for individuals familiar with the basics of Excel.
Prerequisite: Excel Level I

Course Title: Excel Level IIIadvanced Outline
Description: Create "What-if" and "Best Case/Worst Case" reports by using the Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, and the Solver add-in. Learn to use Pivot Tables and Excel tables to analyze data and to consolidate worksheets or workbooks using Data Consolidate. Learn to use Excel's conditional functions and formatting. Learn to audit and track formulas and formula errors. Record macros to streamline your work and make your spreadsheets more interactive.
Audience: Designed for experienced users of Microsoft Excel.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel Level II

Course Title: Excel Power Pivot & Pivot Tablesadvanced Outline
Description: Learn to use the Excel Power Pivot add-in to store, analyze and visualize large quantities of data from multiple sources.  Learn to use the Power Pivot Data Model to create and format dynamic reports and charts, create calculated columns, use Power Pivot DAX functions, create relationships, and create PivotTables.
Audience: Designed for individuals who need to analyze and report on data in Microsoft Excel.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel Level II.

Course Title: Excel Power Query & Pivot Tablesadvanced Outline
Description: Power Query is Microsoft’s recommended experience for importing data. Learn to use it to gather like data in one location for the purpose of analyzing it with Excel’s reporting tools, like Pivot Tables and Charts, without the use of lookup functions. Learn to use Power Query to clean and organize the data from different sources such as Excel spreadsheets, databases, the web, and more. Learn to load the transformed data back Excel as a table, PivotTable, or Pivot Chart.
Audience: Designed for individuals who need to analyze and report on data in Microsoft Excel.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel Level II.

Course Title: Excel Level IV (Macros)advanced Outline
Description: This class will help you automate and improve spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel with VBA. Learn how to write macros to populate cells, respond to user events, and automate spreadsheets.
Audience: Designed for individuals that want to create macros in Microsoft Excel.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel Level II.

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