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Microsoft PowerPoint

Course Title: PowerPoint Level Itypical Outline
Description: Learn how to plan, compose, and create PowerPoint presentations. Topics include: using the drawing tools, shadowing, importing graphics, creating slide transitions, adding animation, using the AutoContent wizard, applying templates, creating charts, organizational charts, and using master slides.
Audience: Designed for individuals who prepare slides, transparencies, or on-screen presentations.
Prerequisite: Windows Introduction and word processing experience.

Course Title: PowerPoint Level IItypical Outline
Description: Learn how to use more advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint to add more life to your slide shows. Create design templates, use custom animations, and craft WordArt graphics to assist you with your presentations.
Audience: Designed for individuals who want to create and customize more elaborate slide shows.
Prerequisite: PowerPoint Introduction.

Project Management

Microsoft Project

Course Title: Project Level Iadvanced Outline
Description: Learn how to create projects, enter task and resource information, keep projects up to date, analyze and adjust project items, and track project progress. Students create Gantt charts, calculate critical paths, and perform resource management and scheduling projects. Topics include: how to print reports, customize views, level resources, define critical vs. non-critical tasks, set up master projects and working with subprojects.
Audience: Designed for professionals with project management duties.
Prerequisite: Experience with other Windows based programs, Project management experience.

Course Title: Project Level IIadvanced Outline

Learn more about using Microsoft Project to manage projects.  Learn to import data from Excel and export Project data to Excel.  Learn to integrate Outlook Tasks with a project plan.  Learn to copy a picture of the Project Plan information suitable for sending via email.  Learn to update the project plane by editing tasks, rescheduling tasks, and setting interim plans.  Learn to create custom fields and views.  Learn to generate custom reports and create project templates.

Audience: Designed for professionals with project management duties.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Project Level I.


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