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Contact Management  
Databases Presentation
Desktop Publishing Project Management
Financial Spreadsheets
Computer Basics Web Design
Operating Systems Word Processing

Software Versions

Northwest Computer Learning Center offers classes in many versions of each software title. Please see our Course Schedule or Brochure for more details. You many also contact NWCLC by phone or email if you are unsure as to whether your software version is supported.

Course Outlines

You will find links for the course outline next to the course listings. The outlines are for the newest version of the product. NWCLC has additional outlines available. Please contact us. We would be happy to email them to you.

Workshop Ratings

Northwest Computer Learning Center recommends that students place themselves in classes appropriate for their ability levels to maximize their learning potential. All class titles are followed by a rating system which is designed to help our students place themselves in the proper classes. Please do not hesitate to contact NWCLC if you have any questions as to which class is appropriate for you.

Novicenovice Individuals with limited computer knowledge and experience.
Typicaltypical Computer users familiar with basic PC operations including using the mouse, keyboard, Windows, and application toolbars, and proficiency in one or more PC applications such as word processing or spreadsheets.
Advancedadvanced Computer users with a familiarity with operating systems and multiple applications. These individuals are often asked to take the lead for their organization in solving PC related problems and decision-making.
Supportsupport Computer users with some responsibility to manage their organization's personal computing capability. Areas of responsibility may include acquisition, setup, installation, network management, hardware maintenance and upgrade, user "help desk", and PC-related training.