Northwest Computer Learning Center's Course Schedule, Brochure, and Course Outlines are in PDF format.

About Northwest Computer Learning Center

Northwest Computer Learning Center (NWCLC) is a locally woman-owned company and has been a leader in hands-on personal computer training classes since 1983. In that time, NWCLC has trained thousands of professionals across a wide spectrum of computer applications. Our hands-on classes are small, always with one student per computer and an instructor in the room. Our main facility is located in Salem, Oregon, but we train throughout the Northwest.

New at NWCLC

In addition to in-person options for classes, many of our courses are available virtually. Please see our Course Schedule or contact us for more details at or (503) 362-4818.

Course Schedule

Our Course Schedule is updated frequently. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information. Let us know if you don't find a date that fits your schedule; we will arrange a date for you. To view the schedule, you can use the link below or the one on the left side of this page.

Course Schedule

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Instructional Methods

Classes at Northwest Computer Learning Center are highly participative workshops.  You will have an opportunity to explore topics, issues, and program features and to practice skills throughout the day.  Most importantly, you will be able to ask questions and to interact with your instructor, who is in the classroom with you, as well as other students in order to ensure your full understanding of the material.

NWCLC guides you through software products in pursuit of objectives established through consideration of the most immediately applicable skills and knowledge and not just the “bells and whistles” of the software.  We measure our success by your ability on the job when you return from training. We follow a quick-pace in our workshops. Expect a high-content, high-involvement program.

We will also conduct classes at your location on a date that fits your group's schedule. Course content can be customized at no additional cost. For more details, contact us at or see our Special Programs page.

Course Manuals

To help you learn and retain new knowledge and new skills, Northwest Computer Learning Center will provide you with a comprehensive course manual for your reference after the workshop.  In our manuals there are explanations, step-by-step exercises, definitions, and many other features that create a valuable resource for you. If you would find them beneficial, we will also provide you with copies of the files you use while in class.

The latest ideas from our teaching and development staff are incorporated continuously into our manuals.  In addition, the constant feedback of our customers is invaluable in making our manual the best teaching material for learning PC applications.  Our focus is on realistic, practical material you can apply on the job.

Most classes at NWCLC are held Monday - Friday. Classes begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. However, by request, Northwest Computer Learning Center will hold classes on Saturdays and in the evenings. For more information please contact us by email:, or telephone (503) 362-4818.